Monday, May 23, 2005

So far so Good .. so ?
i have to apologize for going into a hiatus or ist it an ? .. thats what happens when u code for months together to please people who mean nothing to you,
in a broader sense i am not saying my collegues and my boss mean nothing, i like them and am passionate about working with them, but doing stuff to please the army, or the governor .. now that is just not my put, oh wait, is it putt ?
anyways .. its been a great ride with my marriage so far, like with any new endevour ( for lack of a better word) , adjustments have to be made early to enjoy the fruits later on. I think most people today are not patient with their relationships and therefore dont make them work. I have realized that patience is the key.
with automobiles one doesnt have that choice , u have to be patient after u have bought ur new car, make early adjustments and enjoy the long term ride, you just cant sell it in a month as u are not ready to take the depreciation cost :)
some one needs to invent a depreciation mechanism for relationships .. may be thats what the bioengineers will doe someday. But seriously speaking, i think the foremost thing is patience, once you take a deep breath and say time is on your side .. love will follow suit