Monday, November 29, 2004


I hope every one had a good thanksgiving weekend, I was in colorado at a resort called wolf creek, It was awesome, they had 4 feet of snow and the riding was great for november. I also feasted on the best thanksgiving dinner ever at a restaurant over there. You have to give it to the country folks .. they know how to make their meat taste right. Its dec already, time it sure is flying and i cant wait to get back home and tie the knot.
Everyone asks me weather i am nervous, surprisingly i am not, i am very happy to go home to my wedding. I think everything happens for the right reasons and we have to cherish all the moments in our little lives and make the most of them.

I have had good fortune with movies of late ..
saw garden state and napolean dynamite and both are highly recommended.
even if you dont see the movie the garden state soundtrack is a must buy ..i havent been touched so deeply by any other soundtrack since "oh brother where art thou".