Saturday, September 25, 2004

Recent Bickerings

Her : god in my version is like .....
being a human we have some weak points n some thing s that we dont have under our hold so its like the moral support i get from the whatever i call god

ME: so basically u have created an entity for calling in times of need

Her: in more practical way i get peace i feel relaxed when i meditate r go to a temple
Her : it is some thing i can always get anywhere

ME: basically its ur way of easing ur pain

Her: its some thing i dont have to buy r i dont have to pretend and its always there
Her: for me
Her: i believe that there is power other wise i wouldnt feel it that way
Her: yes i even get rid of the pain

ME: the premise of that ideology is that u consider yourself to be "weak" and therefore are comforted that ur weakness will be adverted by divine intervention thereby making u feel assured and relaxed

Her: may be
Her: i dont deny

ME: as long as it works
ME: for you u have nothing to worry

Her: do u think every person is strong in all circumstances

ME: not at all

Her: so each one is weak in some r the other way at some point in life

ME: i feel assured by making progress towards adverting my weakness whether i do it or not .. i.e. the eventuality of it is not of much concern for me
ME: only those who are worried about the eventuality of their misgivings seek assurance elsewhere

Her : really
Her: i donno

ME: yeah ask yourself .. say u have an exam .. and you pray to god that u pass it right

Her: i never do that

ME: now passing is the eventuality

Her: u know what i pray

ME: no not you literally
ME: i am just giving u an example

Her: i just think that i have do it the way i can as much as I can

ME: so as i was saying passing here is the eventuality of the hurdle created by the exam

Her: with my own efforts
Her: i c
Her: ok
Her: i got u

ME: and praying is the act of feeling assured that the divine intervention will be there to cross the hurdle of the exam and helpu attain the eventuality of passing it