Thursday, April 15, 2004

Religious connotations

So i went to church with my roomie this past sunday, ah just for curiosity i have never been to one in the US.
Acoording to my roomie there are a lot of differences between the churches here and me not much aware and all was surprised when he said his was the cool kinda church where the service happens at a fast pace with a more upbeat and lively enviroment.

up until that point i was like all churches were the same sing praise to the lord i mean how can one think there would be variations to that now ?
so it was easter sunday and there was a lot of rejoicing the pastor came up with a really forceful and evangelical speech about the resurrection and the retribution and what it all holds for all the christians. according to him the resurrection was a sign of hope, a hope that all ur sins will be forgiven if u embrace jesus christ.
what i did like about christianity is its really a very simple ideology, u embrace christ and u have nothing to worry. it is for those who are weak and there are a lot of weak people in the world probably around 90%, so therefore amounts to why it became so popular.
it is for those who are looking for hope, for those who have lost all their will to battle their odds and have come to the crossroads, or that is the message the pastor conveyed. which i thought, the rational atheist that i am, to be a really a weak evangelical premise. if i were the pastor my speech on easter sunday would be no matter what u do to a good man( jesus christ ) he would live forever because he was a good soul. but hey that is not going to bring u more followers so i guess the pastor had to send out a message of deliverance for the weak.

anyways funny thing was that i noticed how all men of sanctity, whether pastorrs, priests, sadhus, imams when they address their followers attack the three basic thoughts

where we come from
whats our purpose
where will we go

and the way they go about justifying these thoughts may be different ... some more complicated and some really simple , some catering to people of all will, some catering more to the weak, point is the common ground that lies among the men of god is really distinct. execpetion would be really buddhist ideology .. where they dont worry about one and three but only two. thereby making me say again if i ever prescribed a religion it would be buddhism.

questions one and three according to me are what makes a few men manipulate billions ... because the blind world loves to follow those who say they have an answer to one and three.

any ways that was toomuch of serriousness in one post .. but hey i thought i hadnt written anything serious in a while so the onus is on u to bear with me :)