Friday, February 20, 2004

The crazy random Mr. Hat

Usually i dont tell stories that revolve around my real life but this one needed to be told so here you go

In the Land of the 50 states lives a random cranky persona , for simplicity we will name him Mr. Hat

go go: Ihave had it with Mr. Hat

Me: patience yaar, shit happens all the time

go go: No baap this time it takes the cake ... very rarely do i reach my threshold and i think the record has been broken today

Me: Darn

2 days later

go go: This keeps getting worse baap.. dont know what to do

Me: If u piss too hard on a solid wall the piss is bound to rebound to ur pants

go go: Shit thats it .. !

Thursday, February 19, 2004

College of Education SouthAfrican Female Graduate Student : How has culture influenced ur life ?

Moi: Culture today is a retreat zone, much like the movies, its really not mainstream in the orld we live in. We live in a world where we would have to do what it takes to keep our heads over water. we may have some choices in front but for the most part they are not culturally connected.

Her: How do u mean ?

Me: Well if would only eat rice and beans according to your culture u couldnt survive in hells kitchen leave alone madagascar. Or if your culture told u to touch ur elders feet as a sign of respect u would see a shotgun hole in ur brains trying to do that in redneck texas.

Her: You are ridiculously crazy

Me: yeah probably but at least i have the balls to ask you out unlike my culturally bound tight lipped counterparts

Monday, February 16, 2004

Desert Madness

WED : 10.00 PM - picked up gogo, went to mediterranean hookah bar smoked mint, ate gyros

THU : 1.00 AM - Picked up momo went to 24 hr mexican joint, ate fish tacos
8.00 AM - got ready ate crazy home made breakfast, went to ken mcDonald and played a round of golf
7.00 PM - got ready and went to a bar called the Library, played black jack with the jack daniel hoochies banrupted them, gogo at one point had
3000 in fake money, got mega memorablia from them, gogo and momo got wasted as usual.
11.00 PM - Went to dos gringos trailer park and ate macho burrito plates.
FRI : 8.00 AM - Got ready and played half a round of golf at rio salado waited for momo to get done with his businessm meeting.
12.00 PM - Ate philly chicken Pitas Picked momo and headed off to the mountains
7.00 PM - reached show low Motel 6 it was freezing and as usual two short gujju bhais welcomed us in.
9.00 PM - went to hon dah american indian casino and had an encounter with Tex TorTice aka "the cracker" ( convicted for murder and sentenced
to prison for 24 yrs out on parole for last 3, has 59 grand kids from 15 children from 4 wives, we are officially his buddies now :))
11.00 PM - ate kick ass chinese food, met a waitress who had just returned from bodh gaya and varanasi .. whoa
SAT : 6.00 AM - Went to white mountain and snowboarded our asses away. i was hitting speeds of 40 to 60 miles an hr.
9.00 PM - Dropped gogo at the airport
next morning - dropped momo at the airport .. PHEW