Friday, October 17, 2003

Conversation in an elevator

her: Oh you have such pretty eyes !

me: think nothing of it, they are contacts !

her: No way! i know u are kidding

me: why do u say so

her: they dont make it in that shade :)

me (blushing) : u have an extremely good eyesight :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

sickness Vs cure

In this day and age talking about a life without medicines is ridiculous and can get u bashed up ..
Nevertheless i am going to muster all my guts and say This

Every "body" has the capacity of curing itself .. the drugs only tell the brain that u dont have a problem when u are sick and inturn help ur body to heal quickly. So u dont need drugs and can be the mediator urself.

So as usual i was presenting my theory to my thai friend and he said that he had this ugly infection that would show up on his face every now and then and and only applying a particular cream cured it. Well my two cents is he is is pissing his body by applying the cream. His body wants him to have this infection and i am sure for a right reason and he is going against its wishes and actually endangering himself. But like the billion other medical mongers in this planet he dont care a rats ass to what i think.
Ek Anek Aur Ekta

From when we were kids and T.V didnt occupy so much of our lives.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

YouthFul Pride !
SO as usual i got to thinking about things around me and this time vegas had my brain churning

Oh yeah i was hanging out with gungadin and other homeboys this past weekend.

So u get down at the airport and u hear the slot machines crackling ....
u know its vegasss baby cuz they want ur money for every little time u have to spare.

i was surprised the stripclubs didnt have any slot machines or like butthead would say slut machines .. now that would be a redundant statement for butthead ..Ah now i realize why the dudes never made an entry into one of these clubs in their movie.

Ok as usual i side tracked .. but the point was that vegas wants ur money and it wants it bad.

Vegas also is strikingly obvious with the whole demographics of the cultural generations.
well in english that means that they dont discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, culture ..
If anything works in timbuktoo u are bound to find it in vegas.

And this variety of choices has obviously brought in its share of segregation. U dont see the
oldies in mandalay bay or luxor .. and u dont see them college kids in MGM grand or the mirage.
U are mostlikely to run into europeans outside the casinos and them texans on the craps table.

One thing for sure u are bound to have a blast no matter how much money u have lost or won.
One advice though is not to try and accomplish everything at vegas. Its immpossible and churns ur stomach. if u wanted to gamble just do that, party then just party, watch shows then just watch shows and if u were only interested in sight seeing well then theres plenty of eye candy :)

Monday, October 13, 2003


Oh! its a crime ..
i couldnt define thought it was just fine
but no oh no its a crime
u feel it want it love it get close to it
u touch it stash it hide it and cant get rid of it

oh my .. my oh my
Money is a crime !