Thursday, November 13, 2003

We are Still Counting arent WE ?

No of times i will go and hit the slopes this season : 10
No of days to prove my astrologer wrong : 38
No of times i will dig into my treasure chest : 3
No of days to meeting up with crazy rahul : 14
No of weeks waisa bhi hotha hai will reign on the box office : 25
No of flowers i will recieve till the end of the year : 0
No of times i will talk to my mom till i see her again : 5
No of women i am going to ask out by the yr end : 0
No of times i will call ed a croatian : 0
No of chapters i will be done writing by the end of the yr : 1
Random Conversations :

Girl Android: we had roast pork tonight ...
SaMbO|Trooper: i let my fingers do the walking
Girl Android: put in the oven and salt-rubbed by the stirfry ninja (:
Girl Android: hence the not leaving the house thing?
Girl Android: (:
SaMbO|Trooper: ..was too busy trying to impress a chick on There LOL
SaMbO|Trooper: yep
Girl Android: lolololol oh dear....
SaMbO|Trooper: salt-rubbed. nice
Girl Android: did you get a pizza that made chicks dig you?
SaMbO|Trooper: hehe yip - sad
SaMbO|Trooper: well it APPEARED to work! lol
SaMbO|Trooper: must've been the pizza
Girl Android: lololol
SaMbO|Trooper: well it sure as hell wasn't my clothes
Girl Android: hahaahahah
SaMbO|Trooper: i look like a dork in There
SaMbO|Trooper: cos i can't afford fancy stuff hehe

Hi Phenyle belated birthday wishes !!
I feel like a new born now :)