Thursday, January 08, 2004

Hiatus Briefings

So i was gone for the cristmas and new yrs break to the east coast and .. whoa what a trip it was couldnt believe the 14 days went flying by.
Phoenix ->New york city-> jersey -> albany-> vermont ->albany->jersey->new Haven-> New york city-> jersey-> Washington D.c-> new york City -> Phoenix Phew

One thing though i will never move to the East coast .. its all fun and all but its not for me .. cant live there .. its too much of a hassle .. i guess the west has pampered me too much

Telephonic Connection

I always wondered that if you didaled a number ever so often at some point it will get stuck in ur head and u will never forget it for the rest of ur life ..

Now is the time to test a few nos i havent dialed in Years

Goti : 823502
adarsh : 7634059
chittu: 7611433

i guess i have run out of my frequent dialer freinds .. remember these were the days when u had no mobile phones and digital diaries :)