Monday, October 11, 2004

ITS not so bad at all

Well i guess my prev post was rather a spur of the moment meltdown ...
i was watching the good the bad and the ugly .. and was so much into it ... i guess somethings never change .. u will always love classics .. and not to mention good food .. :)

anyways there is this sequence of dialogues i think have the biggest impact in the movie ..

well for those who dont remember .. eastwood(the good) and wallach(the ugly) are pretty much like a husband and wife in the movie ... i will leave u to fit whos who .. wallach the gibber mouth and eastwood the reticent one .. and somewhere midway wallach sends some goons thru the front door of eastwoods room and while he is busy taking them out wallach slides in thru the window.. making the first big dialogue .. " well my friend .. In this world there are two kinds of people ones who come thru the door and the others who come thru the window "

then at the very end after eastwoods taken care of "the bad" and wallach has no bullets in his gun .. he hands wallach the shovel ( the gold is buried in a grave) and says these golden words ...

"well my friend in this world there are two kinds of people .. ones with loaded guns and the others who dig"

i dont think i will ever forget that ..