Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buttermilk Bottle senior: Welcome to the household
Buttermilk Bottle newbie: Thank you sir!
Buttermilk Bottle Senior: Now get ready to have a long painful death
Cauliflower: you don't know how lucky you are, i rot and decay within a week
Arm & Hammer baking soda: Die all you miserable low life scum !!Muahhhhh!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Henpecked ?

The question that all newly wed males face from time to time. Sometimes they truely are 'Hed' but dont want to admit 'it', other times they most deft are not, but go about shouting 'it' loud. Somethimes they are so disillusioned by 'it' that they would do whatever within their power to shield all references or occurences of 'it'.
All i wonder is that if there actually is a very thin line between being 'Hed' and being in love

Monday, May 23, 2005

So far so Good .. so ?
i have to apologize for going into a hiatus or ist it an ? .. thats what happens when u code for months together to please people who mean nothing to you,
in a broader sense i am not saying my collegues and my boss mean nothing, i like them and am passionate about working with them, but doing stuff to please the army, or the governor .. now that is just not my put, oh wait, is it putt ?
anyways .. its been a great ride with my marriage so far, like with any new endevour ( for lack of a better word) , adjustments have to be made early to enjoy the fruits later on. I think most people today are not patient with their relationships and therefore dont make them work. I have realized that patience is the key.
with automobiles one doesnt have that choice , u have to be patient after u have bought ur new car, make early adjustments and enjoy the long term ride, you just cant sell it in a month as u are not ready to take the depreciation cost :)
some one needs to invent a depreciation mechanism for relationships .. may be thats what the bioengineers will doe someday. But seriously speaking, i think the foremost thing is patience, once you take a deep breath and say time is on your side .. love will follow suit

Saturday, February 19, 2005

U U me me

U: i cant beleive u dint realize iwas on the floor all night, unable to sleep

me: holy shit i think i was just knocked out, must be the wine

U: Or probabaly u just dont care, u self involved prick!!

me: hmm Possible .. i would still like to blame the wine ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The nuances of sharing a bed :)

Well if one is not used to sharing their bed with another person on a daily basis .. i have to spread a word of caution
firstly ur bed needs to be throughly prepared.
secondly it would help if u wear smooth silky nightwear, and if u are the one who sleep naked then applying oil would also lessen the wear and tear ur body is gonna get subjected too.
make sure the spring is not squeaky and the mattress doesnt sink in depeneding on the persons weight.
use layers of thin comforters rather than a single thick one
It is very essential to have a very balanced bed and the days when u would just come dead tired and sink into anything and everything are now behind you.
so young comarade keep these tips in mind and u will most definately not mind ( someone by ur side )

Monday, November 29, 2004


I hope every one had a good thanksgiving weekend, I was in colorado at a resort called wolf creek, It was awesome, they had 4 feet of snow and the riding was great for november. I also feasted on the best thanksgiving dinner ever at a restaurant over there. You have to give it to the country folks .. they know how to make their meat taste right. Its dec already, time it sure is flying and i cant wait to get back home and tie the knot.
Everyone asks me weather i am nervous, surprisingly i am not, i am very happy to go home to my wedding. I think everything happens for the right reasons and we have to cherish all the moments in our little lives and make the most of them.

I have had good fortune with movies of late ..
saw garden state and napolean dynamite and both are highly recommended.
even if you dont see the movie the garden state soundtrack is a must buy ..i havent been touched so deeply by any other soundtrack since "oh brother where art thou".

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yeah theres snow in the mountains already!!

So this weekend i have to go to a thread ceremony ( a ritual done by the brahmin cast among hindus to symbolize their superiority over the rest) of my american born confused CUZ, frankly i dont understand why indian parents still want to subject their beliefs on the poor little confused generation. Maybe i will write about that some other time, dont want to be cynical all the time lest vivin knock on me door and bash me up.

The great thing about going to orange county from zee desert is that its been raining cats and dogs over there and that means the snow is piling up at big bear. Its been over a decade the mountain's opened up for some riding the slopes in october. I cant wait to get some early season action !! .