Thursday, April 22, 2004

ominous signs

Usually i am not superstitious ,, but somethings can have an impact on me .. it has to be really powerful though ..
for eg. yesterday was one of those days .. has it ever happened to anyone while driving to say ur work or whereever every light that can possibly turn red has turned red and u had to stop at every intersection ..
i was like will the madness stop ... and lo it didnt .. i went to the grocery store took a deep breath and then it happened again on the way back ..
that was when i said .. ok something has changed somewhere and someone is sending me an ominous sign .. so what do i do .. i decide to stay in the quiet confines of me home for the rest of the day and let the bizzare patters fly away. looks like i just needed to take a break and chill at home .. the lights seem to have been behaving much better today :)