Wednesday, August 11, 2004

canada II

well i remembered that there was a funny incident at the border i forgot to share .. edo esp will love to hear this.
so i was coming back by grey hound and was at the us canada border in windsor .. everyone in the bus finsihed our customs except for one indian family of four who were going on vacation with 8 suitcases and 4 hand bags .. now can u believe that .. they were taking their entire ration with them. so well they were delaying us by quite a bit.
so one indian man got impatient ..

the man : driver do u know how long it will take
driver : i have no clue they have a lot of bags to clear.
man: but it has taken more than a hr .. do we have to all weight
driver : it only takes one man ..
man : (in hindi) achha ek hi aadmi baaki hai jaldi hojayega ( there is only one man left so the bus will leave soon)

at this point i wanted to go and ask him why does he even bother ? but i shut my gob and thought about how i could make it to the airport by 3.45 since it was already 3.30.
i just got down talked to the customs official and took my belongings to catch a cab from the border to the airport.

i couldnt help wondering if the indian dude happened to pick up a fight with the driver on him saying there was only one man left but it was actually a family of four :)
Hiatus briefings II

My sincere apologies for being dormant ..
I have been just so damn busy with my craziness .. but no excuses ..
so after a crazy india trip i had lost touch with golf and had to sharpen my skills so was busy prparing for last weeks tournament in detroit .. which i unfortunately lost and metro won ..
and to make it up i decided to go to canada and smoke up .. the laws there have become extremly liberal now .. u have cafes where u can bring ur own weed and smoke ,, u can carry upto an ounce and not get busted as well. so i smoked up differnt strains .. white rhino, black widow and our very own ak 47.
i liked white widow the best ..
hmm canada .. what can i say its pretty much the same like US but has a lot more british names and style of architecture ..
it has little nuances similar to what samuel L jackson describes europe in pulp fiction.
well the indo chinese restaurant has all the regular dishes but they have a dish called tippanyaki not heard of in the US and like wise the greeks have soulvaki .. but the similarities outrun the nuances by far.
the sweetest time was at midnight in niagara city all stoned watching the cresent falls pour its humongous weight down and slowly going calm into lake eerie which was reflecting the starrs and the half moon with splendor.