Thursday, February 26, 2004

strange but possible

If i did move back to india like i always wanted to .. i could easily represent my country in the winter olympics as the lone snowboarder from the nation of a billion hardworking peoples.
All our lives revolve around doing things that take us far far away from the truths we are afraid to face

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Conspiracy theory No. 1

This will bea easier for my Indian homies to understand ....
but in short there is a very famous temple in south india in the city of tirupati thats built on a hill and u have to climb a whole bunch of steep steps to reach it.
SO i propose that this was built by a bunch of hiking enthusiasts to get more people to become healthy, fit and increase their cardio rate.
Well the thought never stuck to me untill i was doing a similar steep hike in Az, of course theres no temple on the top of this one, but anyways the thought struck me on my way up as this reminded me of the temple climb back in the home land, and i began to wonder why would anyone build it all the way on top ?
But of course if the hikers who wanted the lazy people of that time to move thier buts had just built a steep trail and asked the folks to hike up in the morning and u will be rewarded with a helathy life no one would have budged. so they had but no option to build a temple of significant importance so that the junta around them would develop a better cardiovascular rate