Saturday, July 13, 2002

These i think are the true qualities of an addictant

Immensely satisfying
No scar tissues left

Wonder if this is why i love my biryani so much

first of tool simply put rocks ... i normally dont believe in the value of concerts .. for me it is worth spending 50 bucks to buy a video game that sucks than to go t oa concert that rocks, anyways having said that i was forced to attend a tool concert by some homies and there i was disgruntled to get in,
but from the firsto momento .. they kicked mega butt .. they just take u to a place u have not gone too.. oh all the alchohol and weed helps too but not a whole lot!
their visulas and stage performace combined with their unique sound just comes together like a mega orgasm .. whew i am still not able to get over it !!!
Conversation in a chat room

xyz: hi
abc: howdy
xyz: asl
abc: m
xyz : sorry boss
abc: later
xyz: TC and bye
abc: u 2 ,, bye

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

u have to optimize ur life style to live in the modern day.. gone are the days where you could forget about not scrambling the newspaper for lunch coupons. either u eat at mc donals and spare ur self the coupons or u get up in the mornin and scan the paper for them. there are no other ways about it its the optimization era .. every thing counts everyone is accountable and u are not alone

Monday, July 08, 2002


i have a buzz in my head it started when i didnt have food at regular intervals and is tellin me i will not work unless u work on me so iam in afix now its a.m six now i want to cuddle up but i cant leverage my body wont say right on its on a rebound i guess i need that big bowl of cereal now