Friday, June 28, 2002


everybody loves to migrate .. its their intherent nature .. especially birds. wonder why india is so poulated ?? here is my theory .. way way back people migrated and the loved it until they reached the penisula and now they were surrounded by water on three sides ..
they had two options turn back and explore and they did try but it felt like they were going back the way they came for a long time ..
now they had to make a decision wheher or not to explore any further .. ah and they decided to stay put .. this happened for centuries galore as more and more races and peoples migrated and finally settled in the peninsula. oh have to mention the nice climate the fertile land and the beautiful surroundings had a role in it.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Conversation in an american restaurant

waitress: How are you today
i am fine thank you
waitress: wonderful, please be seated anywhere i will be with u in a moment

waitress:what would u like to drink?
water is good

waitress:are u ready to order?
yes i am
waitress:what can i get for u today
i would like an hamburger with fries
waitress:cheese ?
waitress:swiss, cheddar, jack
waitress:how would u like the meat cooked
waitress:would u like some ketchup for the fries
waitress: mayo and mustard good
waitress: anything else?
that will be all
In the Name of Code
-u fill ur pockets with gold
-u bang ur head against plastic
-u sleep 15 hrs a day
-u bang ur head at home
-u go wandering distant places
-u suffer from identity
-u become good with ur fingers
-u live in abstract reality
-u say u are gonna leave it all
-u come back next day beggin for more
The FoulAir Time

In every humans lifespan there will be atime when his body will decide to do the rebel and will be beyond his control ..
the best symptom of this cause is a the air around his body will smell of a pale flavor the kind that is reminiscent of the undead, at this time no matter what, the body will dance to its tune and its tune alone
The left Differential
its been targeted and it has been well planned .. what is that ?? .. oh attack by unknown forces on my envied body ..
i still have to figure out why they like the left side .. the left thumb the left lower back and the left ankle are all down now ..
wonder what is next .. ah i hate these well planned executioners!!