Thursday, May 09, 2002

Getting Scripty I

This is a new series that i am gonna write about .. its basically a gist for movie script ideas ..heres the first in this series

The main dude is a cop and is happily married, his assistant a chick ( the heroine) is single and they know each other like their palm,
wife gets murdered by a serial killer .. he gets caught but there is not enuff proof to put him in jail, the cop our hero loses it and goes on a plan to get rid of all the serial killers in the country who are roaming free due to lack of evidence, his plan is simple he commits their crimes in exactly the same way they did before but makes sure to leave enuff evidence so they get caught. his justification being that they would anyway commit more crimes in the future so if takes one innocent life in the process of getting these guys behind bars then he is actually being moral. well the climax is how our lady his assistant finds something fishy and we have a showdown with the dude and the lady.

Monday, May 06, 2002

Point of no Return

Point of no return is defined as that point on a straight line from which going to the beginning would take u longer than to go to the end of the line
The Moment

The moment i left home
was The moment that i could not handle
The moment i turned off the radio
was The moment that i could not handle
The moment i graduated
was The moment that i could not handle
The moment i left my job
was The moment i could not handle
The moment i jumped off
was The moment that i could not handle
The moment i let go of u
was The moment that i could not handle

Sunday, May 05, 2002

WHOA aisa bhi hota hai ( this is happening trust me )

i turned on m t.v and it looked like a documenty on marsh pits and slug fests ..
but lo it wasnt it was ex punk rock bandaids turned health afficionados talking about a new
thing they have started called punk aerobics ..
talk about capturing the being helath concious wave ..
all i remembered back in the days when u went into a marsh pit all u could find were fat chicks pierces and tatooed all over
talk about taking that to the next level and starting a health club that teaches u things to do in a marsh pit ..WHOA
wonder who the official masscot will be .. hey OSBOURNES i heard ya all out of t.v ...wanna new gig ??